My hero academia movie

My hero academia movie

Finally it was decided that anime [bokuno hero academia] will be made into a movie in the summer of 2018!!!




In addition, the first version of KEYVISUAL has already released .


This key visual shows the appearance of a new character that seems to be anxious!


Blonde girl hand in hand behind Deku and Bakugo.


If it is a character who appeared in the former version, we could find probably. So, this is the original character in this movie.


What is the story about the movie?

As long as you see in jump, movie official websites and other official information,


original story will be made.


After all, the anime was good, and in April 3rd period of animation started, probably the movie version will be released at the timing of the end of third term. So, It is expected that explosive popularity will come out.


In addition, in Jump, a comment by Mr.Horikoshi smells a little story was also posted.


He says ‘We can see not only the activities of class A, but also the contents of that character who has not yet been drawn in manga, the flashy action unique to the movie.


Who is “that character”??

Maybe that is,

Although it has already appeared, characters in the past edits are not drawn.


If we estimate only with the current information, the characters that may be drawn in the past in the movie are








As one of fan of bokuno hero academia this movie is going to be a high-profile work!


原文:【祝】ヒロアカ アニメが映画化決定!新キャラや気になるストーリーは!?